Seven Clubs Entertainment is now offering filmmakers who want to distribute their feature films in theaters US and aboard the opportunity to hire our services to book there film in US and aboard.

How does a service distribution deal work?  We are hired as distributors to handle the  all distribution aspects of delivering your motion to theaters. Working closely with the producers , we develop a strategy and marketing plan to  maximum dollars to reach the broadest audience.  The producers are responsible for P&A cost.

Service Distribution deals are transparent. Producers must sign off on every decision and expenditure.  And at the end of the theatrical run, the theatrical rights revert back to the filmmaker.

For a flat fee( varies per services and budget) plus a percent of box-office receipts , we do the following.

Theatrical Booking

Tailor a Marketing Strategy for your motion picture

Media Planning

Collections of Monies from theaters

Coordinate shipment of DCP to theaters

Additional Services

Non-Theatrical Distribution


VOD Platforms

Cable / VOD

Interested Producers/ filmmakers should send us a email at Include link to trailer, status of production, distribution goals, and contact information. You will be contacted later by representative at the company.