Raquel Deloatch was born and raised in North Carolina. Upon completing high school she moved to Ft. Lauderdale, FL. to attend a trade school that offered classes in Radio/&TV broadcasting. A week after graduating she moved to New Jersey, commuting to New York trying to break in on indie film scene However she was more successful working on off off Broadway plays and cabaret shows as stage manager and roadie.

While discussing her frustration with a friend about wanting to direct and produce films he said to her, ” Why don’t you make your film”. That winter she returned to NC and spent a month writing her first screenplay. Two months later her script was finish and she returned to NYC .She saved money and enrolled in selected film courses ( production and directing) at the School of Visual Arts and Pre-Production & Scheduling at the New School in NY. She also took screenwriting class at Gotham City Writing Workshop to fine tune her script at the time.

Raquel Deloatch had a opportunity to sell her first script to Live Entertainment. She pitched the script desiring to attach talented rising actor at the time, Denzel Washington and Michael Beach. However the Development Executive wanted the Baldwin Brothers. She decline, realizing later in life, that was a mistake.

Spending a couple years trying to get the script made and writing new screenplays. Oct 1998 Raquel decided to move to Hollywood, since over 100 indie films was being shot in LA compared to 5 year in NY.

Hollywood is not the place for a shy person, like Raquel. Although she optioned scripts and wrote the re-writes , her shyness was a major obstacle in “Its all about me town Hollywood” Although she had the skill set to package, budget , cast and etc, it is all about who you know and networking in Hollywood. After spending 14 years and 2 days from being in LA for 15 years, Raquel returned to her hometown. She didn’t have any plans on staying there but she did. Once she was able to find a stable full-time job in Oct 2014 , she assemble a cast and proceeding shooting. She took hiatus during the winter months and resume shooting in late spring completing Black Songbird in Fall of 2015.

Raquel is currently editing Black Songbird is looking forward to distributing Black Songbird and other films thru her company 7 Clubs Entertainment.